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I just want to thank Willena for all her effort and for coaching me on an interview for the current role I was interviewing for. Willena was able to review the role requirements and prep materials that were tailored to the specific role we talked about. I love how she personalized each material to reflect my current experience. I also had a mock interview with her and she was able to give me constructive criticism and also highlight my strength. She is very knowledgeable and an expert in helping me feel confident and acing my interview. I would recommend Willena for any career coaching that you may need help with. I love how she was also able to be very flexible on such a short-term availability. 

- Anye Moore

I am so glad I invested in Willena’s program because it has forever changed how I will approach my career. In addition to helping me understand how to stand out in the job market, she also introduced me to my new career. Within 60 days of working with Willena, I received a job offer and was able to accomplish my goal of transitioning careers while increasing my income.

Shimeka Williams

Willena is ambitious and outgoing. She contains a wealth of knowledge that is beneficial to job seekers. I took her course and gleaned relevant tips, advice, and grew my LinkedIn network significantly. Through her course, I learned how to network on social media and how to cultivate my personal brand It has definitely fueled my fire and provided me with clarity and insight that I am using in my search for a suitable position with a deserving company. I give her 5 stars!

- Tabetha Belfor-Woods

Latoya Washington


I highly recommend Willena as a coach and mentor. Her coaching style put me at ease and helped me feel confident about my career journey. She offers great advice and small changes that can make a significant impact so that implementation is not overwhelming.

-Alethea Chapman

Willena helped to give insight into my LinkedIn presence by providing clear and concise, expert information on the anatomy of my profile. She was very interpersonal and even sent me a video of her viewing and making comments in real time, which I also felt was very helpful. I recommend Willena if you are needing an expert opinion on a LinkedIn profile review and how to grow your presence and network professionally through social media as well.

-Ava Rumph, MPH