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“It's not what you achieve, it's what you overcome. That's what defines your career." 

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Willena is the CEO of Career Boss Academy, which has helped leaders become more effective since it was founded in 2018. Through her signature framework that combines a mix of technology, neuroscience, and behavioral science, Willena has helped leaders all over the world achieve their goals and change their lives—and now she wants to help you do the same.

"I started this company because I wanted to make a difference," says Willena. "What we're doing is important—it can literally mean the difference between success or failure for someone's career."

She's also a keynote speaker who loves to share her experience with audiences around the world—from small groups at local meetups to huge crowds at conferences all over North America.

The BOSS Society cheers you on and joins you on your journey. We are a team of experts in executive career coaching, with experience in public relations and marketing, human resources, and business development. Executive coaching is designed to help senior leaders execute at the highest level, through tailored feedback, strategy, and problem-solving support. The sessions equip leaders with the lens, mindset, and tools required to consistently perform at the top of their game.

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